Christian Financial Management

As Christian Financial Advisors, we understand what it means to live as a follower of Christ.

We are affiliated with Kingdom Advisors, an organization of Christian financial advisors dedicated to Christian financial management services. Kingdom Advisors was founded to expand the understanding of biblical financial principles and how to implement them in the lives those who want above all else to honor God with their resources.

When seeking to be a wise steward of your resources, you want to find an advisor who shares your values and who acts according to the higher standard found in scripture. As a Certified Kingdom Advisor, Wade is not only highly trained, but has been proven to value integrity, humility and excellence in his profession. In order to become a Certified Kingdom Advisor, Wade Chessman had to undergo nine months of rigorous training and meet high requirements regarding understanding of all that it means to be a good steward. He also has had to meet the requirement of demonstrating a strong example of stewardship in his personal life.

Kingdom Advisors

Wade H. Chessman, CFP®, CKA,

Wade acknowledges the eternal significance of the decisions you make concerning the stewardship of the resources God has entrusted to you. Working with someone who shares this vision produces better harmony, as he will understand and encourage godly goals.

Being a Certified Kingdom Advisor means Wade is equipped to help you make the wisest, most responsible financial choices for any life stage.

Sean Phillips, CFP®, CKA

Sean Phillips, CFP® with Chessman Wealth Strategies in Dallas, TX has also received the Certified Kingdom Advisor™ designation from Atlanta-based Kingdom Advisors, Inc.

Dudley Simms, CFA, CKA, CFP®

Dudley began his career in financial services in 1998 when he joined Merrill Lynch as a Financial Consultant. There he formulated and implemented planning strategies to help individuals puruse their financial goals. Dudley then transitioned into money management in the role of Portfolio Specialist with Merrill Lynch Investment Managers.

Dudley graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Masters of Theology with an emphasis in church history. He spent his undergraduate years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill graduating with a bachelor of arts majoring in psychology.