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    Dealing with the loss of a spouse can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life.

    Grief and mourning affect each of us uniquely, but all widows share a painful dilemma: On the one hand, the world seems to demand rapid response to a barrage of critical questions – financial and otherwise. On the other hand, it’s usually a terrible time to be making big decisions, especially if they really can wait.

    You probably have lots of tough questions after losing your spouse.  You might be wondering:

    • How will I take care of my family without my partner?
    • How do I pay my bills?
    • Do I need to get a job?
    • What do I do with my spouse’s retirement plans?
    • Is it smart to combine IRA accounts?
    • Am I entitled to part of my spouse’s pension

    At Chessman Wealth Strategies, we specialize in helping widows and other women in transition make smart choices about their money.  I welcome you to download the resources we have created to give you guidance during this difficult time.

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    Widows on the Same Page

    A Meeting of the Minds, A Gathering of Key Information

    In this third article, the focus turns to an earlier time, a time when a certain amount of preventive forethought can make a tremendous difference when illness, physical or mental disability, or death eventually does strike.

    The Business of Life

    Attending to Your Financial Well-Being After Your Spouse Passes

    Several weeks later—after the most intense waves of grief have passed, after the memorial service is finished and your family, closest friends, and relatives have turned their focus back to their own lives—there comes a moment when you, as the surviving spouse, must make certain that your financial house is in order and will stay so.

    Gracefully Grappling with Grief, Personally & Financially

    Grief — whether it’s our own or somebody else’s — is simply beyond our control, and will always run its own course.

    It’s not in your hands, or anyone else’s, to make grief pass quickly. And no one can make grief less uncomfortable to experience or to be around.