You’ve met the challenge of saving for retirement, which is no small achievement, but now you may be faced with a further challenge– how to manage your retirement income to make it last.

That is why we are introducing the Chessman Retirement Income Advantage.

The Chessman Retirement Income Advantage is a new service designed to help you plan, invest and manage your income for living in retirement.

We will create a comprehensive retirement income plan to meet your expenses throughout your lifetime. We’ll review your investments, risk tolerance and time frame and then suggest the appropriate investment strategy. We’ll also work with you to create and manage a sustainable withdrawal strategy.

There are 6 phases to the Chessman Retirement Income Advantage:

  1. Identify Goals and Retirement Dreams
  2. Estimate Costs Required To Fully Fund Your Retirement Lifestyle Needs
  3. Identify and Prioritize All Potential Income Sources
  4. Assess Vulnerability To the Key Risks To Retirement Income
  5. Match Income Sources With Expenses
  6. Implement the Retirement Income Plan