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Giving Transforms You!


One simple action holds the power to transform you personally – your attitude, your perspective… and even your financial life. It also holds the power to transform your family, your friends, your business, your colleagues, your community… and more. The greatest act that any human being can engage in is the simple act of giving. It transforms… instantly. Join us on an entertaining, empowering and encouraging journey through 52 principles of giving and 52 enlightening quotes from some amazing people throughout history. In Giving Transforms You, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional Wade H. Chessman and Scott Keffer will help you discover new (and possibly profitable) ways to give. Read this book and you will remember the power of this simple act. Read this book and you will be transformed. Then give it to someone you care about!

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If You’re Worried That Your Savings Will Face HUGE Taxes in the Future- Just When You’re Ready to Take Withdrawals… Then This Might Be The Most Important Book You Ever Read


Defuse Tax Time Bomb


The United States owes over $20 trillion. Every day, 10,000 Americans turn 65 and start collecting Social Security & Medicare. The former Comptroller General describes our entitlement system as a fiscal cancer. Once, forty-two people paid into social security for every person who received a check. Today there is less than three. While Congress recently lowered federal income taxes, the trend suggests strongly rates could return to levels we haven’t seen since the 1970’s. If you have money in a 401(k), 403(b), or IRA, you stand to lose far more than you think to federal and state income taxes. In this book, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional Dan Cuprill & Wade H. Chessman detail not only the threats you face, but strategies that can free your savings and social security benefits from the grip of the IRS. Yes, you can significantly reduce your tax burden in retirement.


Now is the critical time to find and defuse the ticking tax time bombs buried in your retirement savings accounts, and I want to help you.

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