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Why You Need Disability Coverage

A group policy from work probably won’t replace enough of your income to meet your needs.

You may think that your financial life is in perfect order. You have a solid plan to reach your goals, including maxed-out retirement savings and enough life insurance to protect your family in case you die while you’re still earning an income. But it’s a safe bet you’ve left one gaping hole that could jeopardize all of your planning: the risk that you will become disabled and unable to work. Read more


Ensure you get a tax deduction for that charitable donation

As they say, good deeds are their own reward. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with taking a tax deduction for a charitable donation.

Not surprisingly, the end of the year — a time when people like to wrap up loose ends — is an especially popular time for giving. December takes the top spot for giving, with 18 percent of donations occurring in that month. Read more


How to Retire Comfortably While You’re Still in Debt

Retirement plans often involve traveling, socializing and feeling financially secure, but they don’t usually include paying off debt. However, the reality is that many Americans close to retirement will carry debt into their golden years and must plan accordingly. Read more


Think you’re not rich enough to need a will? Think again

Does everyone need a will? And if so, when is the time to get one?

“Many people think that they don’t need a will … since they don’t have an ‘estate,’” said certified financial planner Scott A. Bishop, partner with STA Wealth Management. “That is just wrong. Read more


Wall Street Managers have cost Americans more than $600 Billion over the Past Decade

Over the last decade, fund managers who oversee the pensions of the nation’s teachers, firefighters, police and other government workers have doubled down on an investment strategy that has cost U.S. taxpayers at least $600 billion, possibly more than $1 trillion, investment data and calculations by Yahoo Finance found. Read more